- Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


Is ReferEntrepreneurs Free to use? 

We have free membership as well as paid membership. Four type of memberships are available as below:





Please click on this link to see the package comparison


Bronze is fully free membership where you have no need to pay any money. 

Bronze members have less features compared to Silver, Gold and Diamond members. But they get $2 recurring every month for referring Silver members, $3 for referring Gold members and $5 for referring Diamond members

Silver membership is charged recurring 9$ every month and have more features compared to Bronze. Also Silver members get $3 recurring every month for referring Silver members, $6 for referring Gold members and $10 for referring Diamond members every month till the referred members are active in the website paying the membership fee..

Gold membership is charged recurring 19$ every month and have more features compared to Bronze and Silver membership. Also Gold members get $3 recurring every month for referring Silver members, $9 for referring Gold members and $15 for referring Diamond members every month till the referred members are active in the website paying the membership fee.

Diamond membership is charged recurring 99$ every month and have more features compared to Bronze, Silver and Gold memberships. One main feature which is only available for the Diamond members are the Ads in the website are displayed only of the Diamond members businesses. They can only create Ads in the website for promoting their businesses. We will not be posting or accepting any 3rd party Ads in our websites or generating any revenue by selling Ad space in the website. Only Diamond members Ads will be visible in the website. Also Diamond members get $5 recurring every month for referring Silver members, $12 for referring Gold members and $20 for referring Diamond members every month till the referred members are active in the website paying the membership fee.


What are the extra features you provide for Diamond membership members?

Diamond Members can create Ad campaigns for promoting their businesses. Also they can hide a campaign if not interested in viewing others Ad.

Also they can feature a blog and mark a blog as sponsored without paying any extra fees.

Diamond member can also Auto publish sponsored blogs and no need to wait for Admin to approve it.

No need for Events to be approved by Admin to be displayed publicly.

Also can mark an event as sponsored without paying any extra fee. They can also mass email own event guests.

They have got full control on Forum. Forum posts and threads are pre-approved to be displayed on the Forums.

Also they don’t have to wait for admin to approve for a newly created Group or Page to be displayed in the site.

In Marketplace, Diamond members can feature a listing and also no need for Admin to approve any new listings posted.

Diamond members can post Polls, Quizzes, Audios and Videos also which free members can’t do. Lot of other exciting features are also available for Diamond members which are not available for any other memberships.

So what are you waiting for? Upgrade today to Diamond membership and enjoy the full potential of our Business Networking website and grow your business and also earn extra money recurring every month when you refer your entrepreneur friends to our site.


What is the mode of payment and how do I sign up for a PayPal account?

We send and receive money using most trusted payment system, PayPal. Over 19 million businesses globally accept PayPal. PayPal, the safer, easier way to get paid. Now also in India.

Their open digital payments platform gives PayPal’s 244 million active account holders the confidence to connect and transact in new and powerful ways, whether they are online, on a mobile device, in an app, or in person. Through a combination of technological innovation and strategic partnerships, PayPal creates better ways to manage and move money, and offers choice and flexibility when sending payments, paying or getting paid. Available in more than 200 markets around the world, the PayPal platform, including Braintree, Venmo and Xoom, enables consumers and merchants to receive money in more than 100 currencies, withdraw funds in 56 currencies and hold balances in their PayPal accounts in 25 currencies. For more information on PayPal, visit

Signing up for a PayPal account is simple. The benefits of the PayPal account are as follows: 

Send Money 
Request Money 
Auctions Tools 
Website Payments 
Money Market 
Virtual Debit Card 
Account Insurance 
Downloadable Log 
Email-based customer service 
Do business as yourself, under a corporate name, or group name 
Accept unlimited credit card payments 
Payment Receiving Preferences 
ATM/Debit Card 
7 day-a-week toll free customer service 
Mass Payments 
Multi-User Access*For Business Accounts 
Advanced Downloadable logs 

Once you have signed up for a Paypal , all you have to do is enter the email address you used when signing up for your PayPal account into your ReferEntrepreneurs payment system.


Do I need a credit card to sign up for a PayPal account?

We do not need a credit card to open an account or to receive funds. They did say that in order to withdraw the money to your bank you would have to link your bank account. Please contact PayPal for further details.


How do I get Paid?

You will get paid with a minimum account balance of $50. All payments will be in US dollars for all over world, except India, and in India payment will be in INR and made via PayPal itself . All users will be required to have a valid PayPal account. ReferEntrepreneurs is not responsible for any fees incurred in the payment process (i.e. translation fees, taxes, bank fees, credit card fees, PayPal fees, etc.) 
While we would love to pay everyone, regulations set forth by the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC), an office of the US Treasury, prohibits ReferEntrepreneurs from sending money to certain countries. The good news is Paypal is adding more countries to their list for sending and receiving money recently and started their operations in India also recently. So if Paypal is not available in your country at present, soon it will get added.


I think someone compromised my account, I can't log in, and things look different?

First, try to get new password for your account through the Forgot Password Tool. 
Once you get your password, you can log into your account and change the password  to your account. 

If you can't log into your account at all, and you aren't receiving the password for your account, contact ReferEntrepreneurs admin immediately and we can verify that you are the owner of the profile. Please remember to use a secure password, do not use your username, 123456, or any combination of words and numbers that may be easy to figure out.


Someone on ReferEntrepreneurs is bugging/harassing/threatening me – what can I do about it?

The best thing to do if and when you encounter such a situation is report it to admin.

If they are on your friends list, you can simply remove them as a friend, delete any comments they leave on your profile page, and delete any messages they send you via the earninpals Mail system. 

If you are being harassed in a discussion, simply report this to admin and the user will be dealt with accordingly.


Where do I report Inappropriate Content?

To report inappropriate content in a blog or photo, please use the report flag icon. The flag icon is located at bottom to each blog and photo entry. 

If there is something on a user's profile that is inappropriate, please click on "Report this User" link on the user's profile and our moderators will investigate the issue.


Where do I report spammers?

If the user is spamming in the site, please use the "Report this User" link in the user's profile with your comments and our Moderators will investigate the report.


How do I delete my account?

Go to Account 

Here, you can see the option to "cancel the account"


How do I remove my child's profile from ReferEntrepreneurs?

Please use "contact us" and we can assist you with removing your child's account.


I got a message from someone claiming to be an ReferEntrepreneurs representative. How do I know if they are one?

Report to the ReferEntrepreneurs admin. Admin (Nishani) got a profile like your's. You can communicate to the admin like any other member in the site.


I suspect that a specific user is underage based on their discussions, should I report this as abuse?

If you suspect a specific user is underage, please use "report the user" link. Also give us an explanation as to why you feel this user is underage and we will look further into the matter.


I logged into my account today and my earnings are missing what happened to them?

Our terms of use state that if you don’t login to your account at least once over a 90 day/3 month consecutive period of time your earnings are forfeited. Please remember to login at least once every 90 days. You don’t need to post any new post or respond to any posts, you just need to login to your account so that we know your account has not gone idle.


I made $50, why haven't I received a payment yet?

If we found any abuse in the referral system, then we will hold the payment.


How do I refer my friends and family?

Simply check on the Refer & Earn tab located at the Top & bottom of the website.

This will bring you to a page that will allow you to email your friends an invitation to ReferEntrepreneurs. 

Also you can share your referral link to others to join under you.

Why haven't I gotten credit for a referral?

The first reason may be that your friend may not have joined through your referral mail. 

Also make sure that they verified the email address too after signup.


My friend didn't receive my referral email, even though i have send it many times?

Please ask your friend to check in the spam or junk email folders. Please note, GMAIL settings may filter your emails into multiple tabs ( including Promotions ). Make sure to check all of these tabs for the email. If you still can't locate the mail, send a mail to to further check on it. Also ask your friend to add the email "" to safelist. In the meantime, you can share your direct referral link to your friend to join under you.